Ok. So I’m new to videotaping. Mel bought my first videocam last August for my birthday.

I’ve had a camera before. Click and shoot. Take film to the drug store. Wait a few days for the pics to be developed. The pics were always very strange. Few presentable enough to share. They were often off center. Fuzzy. Back view. I had a lot to learn about lighting, the art of the candid shot and holding the camera still.

Then came the camera phone. LOVE IT. I could take shot after shot. Toss the worse. Share the rest. Took pictures of my dinner plate and sent them to the kids. Pics of grandson Jake. Pics of  grass growing. I love electronic pictures. Then I got hooked on video taken from my phone.

Somehow I was sure a standalone videocam would blast me into the future. First I learned about the difference between -RW and +RW disks. Then I found out about formatting the disk, finalizing and unfinalizing and how that made a difference in recording to disk or not. Then I learned not to jerk the camera around so the picture gave the viewer a headache. (Shoot, hold camera still for 10 seconds, then move.) I was good to go.

Eventually I had passable recordings I wanted to edit then upload to YouTube and Facebook. I was using transitions and effects. Even learned how to add music, adjust volume, copy/reuse sound and replace the audio with soundtrack.  Didn’t worry about fuzzy video or jerky takes. I could edit out what doesn’t work.

So, here I am a few months later with an album full of videos. Ok, so they’re not Oscar worthy but they bring back memories of trips to Sea World, LegoLand, John’s Incredible Pizza Company and a day at Heritage Park.

Am I a videographer? Yes. I record a story on electronic disk. I edit. And I upload to YouTube and Facebook.

What have I learned? I have a lot more to learn. Something new every day. There’s so much software connected to this task and when software goes haywire I’m up a creek until I find a solution. All toll . . . I love it. I love recording, then reviewing what I’ve captured on tape. I love finding the shot that will last, for me, a lifetime. I love sharing the joy of recording.

Will I get better? Everyday. With every recording and editing session.

Will share my journey here.


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