Onsite Photoshoot

Spent the day at the park taking pictures of a waterfall, ducks swimming, ducks flying, buildings, bridges, playground, statues, trees and flowers. Clear skies smiled on our day. Filled up the camera. Deleted some old photos to make room for more in park. A boat and canon ball blasts delighted us. A tiny boy and his mom feeding the ducks bread charmed. A family walking with the ducks surprised us. Locked gates disappointed us because we couldn’t get on the island to photograph the mock townhall. No matter. We enjoyed the exercise.

Tomorrow in class we’ll edit our photos. I’ve already begun. Some of my shots were too bright. Added color and sharpened some pix. Cloned out extraneous holes in the grass and parts of a roof. And, of course, cropped a few pictures.

Although I’m using Elements 2.0 at home and it doesn’t have the “straighten/crop” tool I can finagle the “rotate” tool to do the job.

Posted 8 pictures to Facebook to see how they’d look online.


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