Class resumed on Monday. Hallelujah. Great to be back at it.

Learned to use the Cloning tool. Taking an object, copying to the clipboard, then pasting it in another part of the same photo. Also used it to erase an item that might distort the photo. Removed a stop sign in an urban suburban setting. Erased lines from a person’s face. Use the keyboard to increase the target size of item to clone.

I use Elements 2.0 at home. And have used the Cloning tool, limitedly, on my own. At school we’re using Elements 5.0 and it has some neater components like a wider variety of brushes for Cloning, and Opacity (I’d never used that before) to lighten an object being pasted further afield in photo.

Fun stuff.

Tomorrow review of what we’ve covered so far in class.

Dunno if we’ll have a final test to implement tools we’ve learned this session.

Enrollment for next session (Feb 1-Apr 1) begins Thursday. Taking Photoshop.


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