Adobe Flash CS3 – week 2

Day 6 – Lecture:

* Closing gaps between lines.

* How shapes react when placed on top of each other.

* Using the Group Editing mode to change a grouped item.

* Creating a star from a polygon shape.

* Creating libraries to house objects, sounds, movies to be reused.

* The relationship/link between items in the library and when you create a new “instance” of that item. Break the link between those items unless you want to change all instances of the original item.

* Change movies to bitmaps to save space in the Timeline.

* Nested movies.

Day 7 – Library

* Read documentation for Tutorial 2 before moving ahead with stage work.

* See FL 53 regarding title

* See FL 54 regarding transforming the polygon into a Star. Hold down the Alt key when creating the polygon. It becomes a star. Simple. But I missed it.

*Add sand rectangle to existing project. FL56

* Complete quizzes FL 79, 90, 98

* Check segmenting fish’s body FL68

Day 8 – Finished Tutorial 2

* Built a library to house steps that  move and enlarge objects. Put them into action.

* Added a word to the dictionary, like a company name.

* Learned to use Tangent points.

* Saved file to GIF format.

* Uploaded to to web browser to run file.


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