Adobe Flash CS3 – week 2 (cont’d)

Day 9 – Publishing

Lecture – import files to publish banner

* SWF & HTML files must be uploaded to publish document on the web.

* CTRL + Enter “Saved as SWF” to convert to HTML

* File publish settings: Flash, HTML, GIF

* Look at options in Publish Settings. Examine each format/option in Flash, HTML, GIF, JPEG

* Explore edit menu: Windows, Other Panels, History

* In History window, use left Slider to select a group of items to select to delete/select for use.

* Select multiple use “Save,” name it.

* Observe Timeline . . . onion skin located lower-left of Timeline window.

Day 10

* Purchase extended hours lab pass for 12:20-2:30 session.

* Redo Tutorial 2 to include: use Library, create Symbols and observe relationship between symbol in Library and Instance (change one and all other connected symbols are changed, can change one instance if you break the connection) .

* Review Cases at end of Tutorial 2.

* Pick-up test for Tutorial 2.


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