Adobe Flash CS3 – week 3 (cont’d)

Adobe Flash CS3 – Lecture Layers, Keyframes, Text, Animation

Layers can be Hidden, Unhidden, Locked, Unlocked.

We created a movie with the following text:

Registration (new line) Starts (new line) March 25, 2010

  1. In the final movie, the word “Registration” will appear slowly, letter by letter. Timing and composition of the letters will accomplish your goal.
  2. The word “start” will appear letter by letter at a slower rate.
  3. March 25, 2010 will appear all at once. (A fictitious date used for this exercise.)
  4. After you’ve composed the text to your satisfaction, you’ll surround the words with stars.
  5. Use CTRL + Enter key to play your movie. A preview box will appear in the center of the Workspace and play keyframe after keyframe. Notice when you’re playing the movie the words and stars will disappear from the stage, Scene 1.

The steps:

  • Open a New Document
  • Shrink stage to expose surrounding Workspace. That’s where you’ll place text and stars.
  • Observe Timeline. Layer1 is default. Add a layer. You can name them, or rename them whatever you like. Click on the word Layer1 and type its new title.
  • Create as many layers as you’ll need. For each line of text we created a new layer. We titled them Text1, Text2.
  • After we create the text, we’re going to add Stars to our project so we added 2 additional layers called Star1, Star2. (In a real life project you’ll preplan your project before beginning. You’ll have a pretty good idea how many layers you’re going to use.) You can Delete or Add a layer at any time.
  • We also created 2 Folders. One folder called Text, the other called Stars. We moved all text layers into the Text folder, star layers into the Stars folder by dragging them into the appropriate folder.
  • Folders will help you organize layers. Hide layers. Lock them first. Then collapse the folder so that only the layers you’re working on are visible.
  • Observe the folders Timeline. You cannot add Keyframes to folders.


  • Rename Layer1 to Text1
  • Create text off stage. Arial, 36pts, blue
  • Type the word Registration
  • View/Rulers
  • Pull down a horizontal Snap-to Guide to the first 3rd of the Stage.
  • You’ll want to break up the word into individual letters that will appear in your movie letter by letter.
  • Select the word Registration, go to Modify/Break Apart. Each letter will be in its individual box.
  • Deselect the word Registration.
  • Go to Insert/Timeline/Keyframe. A keyframe is added to the Timeline. Pull down the first letter, R, let it snap-to-guide. Repeat process for each letter.
  • CTRL+Enter to run the movie at any time.
  • Again, using the Workspace around the Stage, type the word “start.” Pull down the guide to the next quarter of the Stage. And follow the same procedure – Select word, Modify/Break Apart, Insert/Timeline/Keyframe, pull down letter.
  • Add a blank Keyframe at the end of the word “start” so the animation will repeat.
  • The date March 25, 2010 does not move so don’t break apart the letters. Make it appear more than once. Change to color so it will flash Red, then Blue. Note where you add the Keyframe for this phrase.
  • You can control the size of your Timeline.
  • You can Copy/Paste Keyframes.
  • You can Delete, or Add Keyframes at any time.

Create a Nestled Movie

  • If you want to create a movie to use inside a banner or document, select the Keyframes, and Save to the Library by creating a Symbol.
  • Saves space on Timeline by taking a group of Keyframes and condensing into 1 Keyframe.

Create Stars

  • In the Workspace outside of the Stage, draw 1 red star, and 1 blue star. You’ll copy and paste them onto the stage.
  • Insert/Keyframe, copy 1 star onto stage, followed by another, then another. Either add all red, then all blue or intermingle them.

Finished Project

  • CTRL+Enter to play the movie.
  • The word Registration should appear letter by letter in a slow rate.
  • The word start should appear letter by letter in a faster manner.
  • The date, March 25, 2010 should flash on then off in alternating colors – red & blue.
  • Six or more stars should flash on surrounding all words.
  • Your completed project is an announcement about school registration.


The text should appear in Scene1, while the stars appear in Scene2.


1. Open all Workshop & Case studies for Chapter 2. Have them approved by instructor.

2. Pass in Chapter 2 test.

3. Read Chapter 3.


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