Adobe Flash CS3 – week 5

LECTURE – Guided Animation

* New document. Make a ping pong table (two rectangles) skew, then added a ball.

* Object: Make the ball bounce from one side of the table to the other, then back again by drawing a Guided Line and controlling the timing in the Timeline.

* Create 3 layers in the Timeline (1) Background, (2) Ping Pong ball, (3) Guide

* Time: 45 seconds for the total process so every layer should end in that length of time.

* Use the Draw tool to make the Guide Line, which will instruct the ball to move.

* The Guide Line will not show when you play the movie.

CREATE – A hoop and basketball. Using the principles we’ve just learned make the basketball go inside the hoop.

FINISH – Cases in book

REVIEW CASE: add new fish to Jenny’s Fish Hut banner and make it swim across the Stage then back again. All went well until I tried copying Timeline of Fish1 layer to the new Fish 2 layer. Didn’t work correctly. AHHHH, the clue.

1. Copy Timeline from Fish1, paste into New Layer.

2. Select 1st frame of Fish2 and bring Fish2 symbol to stage.

3. Recolor fins of Fish2 and flip horizontally.

4. Select 1st frame of Fish2, move Fish 2 to other side of stage.

5. Select 3rd frame, Flip Fish 2.

6. Select 4th frame (end frame), Fish2 back to original location.

7. Add Tweening, which shows morphing steps between two Keyframes.

CASE 1: Add animation to Sally’s banner

1. Duplicated balloon symbols.

2. Returned 3 balloons to banner, making them float from bottom of stage into the air.

3. Duplicate square symbol, return two to banner making one turn counter-clockwise, while the other turns clockwise.

4. Trouble adding drop shadow to text.


1. When creating a new Layer and want to add an End time in the Timeline, Select the End Frame the add Keyframe.

2. Flash automatically Loops. Adding a Blank Keyframe stops animation loop.



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