Adobe Flash CS3 – week 5 (cont’d)


1. Create a scrolling marque.

2. Open new document.

3. Using Text tool type 4-5 lines of text. Large font.

4. Rename Layer 1 to Text.

5. Create a Rectangle tall as one link of text, wide as longest line of text. Choose any color Fill, no Stroke.

6. Position the Rectangle on top of the first line of text.

7.  Modify, Convert the Rectangle into a Symbol.

8.  Add a new layer to Timeline. Call it Mask.

9. In the Text timeline add a Key Frame to the Frame 45.

10.In the Mask layer add a Key Frame to Frame 45.

11. Select Frame 1 of Mask layer.

12. Right-click, select Motion Tween.

13.Right-click, select Mask. This will lock the Mask and Text layers together. Masking will not allow you to make any changes. If you need to change the text, remove the Mask. Right-click, select Mask again.

14.Select Frame 1 of Timeline.

15.Control, Test Movie. Watch the text scroll up and disappear into the invisible mask. You should see one line of text at a time.


1.  The Timeline is too long. Convert both layers to a Nested  Movie.

2. In Timeline, select all frames of both layers.

3. Right-click, Copy Frames.

4. Insert, New Symbol. Call it Mask. Be sure it’s a “movie” type.

5. Test Mask symbol in Library (button in upper right corner of symbol). Watch scroll in Library’s Preview window.

A nested movie can be used in combination with other banners or advertisements.  Purpose of creating a Nested Movie is to minimize the number of frames used. The original scrolling marque uses 45 frames, the nested movie uses only 1.

6. To test the Nested Movie on stage, open a new Scene.

7. Pull a Nested Movie symbol onto the Stage.

Notice the Timeline: the Mask and Text layers appear using only Frame 1.

8. Test the Nested Movie on Stage.


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