Adobe Flash CS3 – week 5 (cont’d)

TEST Chapter 3 complete


1. Add Fish 2 layer.

2. Copy Timeline from Fish 1 to Fish 2.

3. Assign Keyframe movements to Fish 2.

Both fish swim across the Stage going in opposite directions.

CASE 1 – Sally’s Scrapbook Boutique

1. Add drop effect to bottom text.

2. Add expand effect to top text.

3. Convert balloon to Symbol.

4. Create 2 new balloons. Change colors.

5. Make them float from bottom off top of Stage.

6. Make squares twirl in clockwise and counter-clockwise directions.

CASE 2 – Alamo Zoo

1. Add text that changes color and size.

2. Convert paw print into symbol.

3. Add a Keyframe every 5 frames in timeline staggering symbols to make it appear a bear is walking from one end of the flyer to the other.

CASE 3 – Floral Delivery Service

1. Add Mask to first two lines of text so that the text looks like the letters scramble then recompose them.

2. Add Transform effect to make the word Flowers slide to the right side of Stage.

3. Add spokes to wheels. Make left wheel turn 30degrees every frame from 1-12. Animated will look like wheel it turning. Remove circle under letter R in the word Flowers. Replace it with symbol of turning wheel.

4. When animated the 1st two words scramble then clear, the word Flowers moves to the right, both wheels turn.

CASE 4 – Banner

1. Add bouncing ball to banner by manipulating Timeline – add multiple Keyframes and multiple Tweens.


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