Adobe Flash CS3 – week 6

Chapter 4 – Masking

1. Update a banner for Jenny’s Seafood Hut.

2. Create a GuideLine to make the fish swim from the left side of the Stage to the right and back. The Guide Line gives the fish a more realistic move along a curved line.

3. Add 4 layers of text. Sunday, Special, Text, Anniversary.

4. Add Motion Tweens to each movement of each line of text.

5. Copy Jenny title, add new layer. Paste in Place, change text to color fill to gray.

6. Create a circle in front of Jenny lettering. Create spotlight Mask to make the circle pass over the lettering from left to right, then back again.

7. Move Timeline indicator to Frame 1. Press Enter to play animation.

LECTURE – Adding music to banner

1. Create banner.

2. Layer 1 renamed to Background.

3. Resize to 400 x 100. Draw Rectangle with color, no border.

4. Add Gradient background.

5. Use Transform, Gradient to change orientation of background color.

6. Copy “ABC School” logo from school front page and Paste onto banner.

7. Transform or Scale to resize ABC School logo. Convert to Symbol.

8. Add Layer, called Text 1. Write a line of text.

9. Add Layer, call Motion. Write a line of text that will move from top of the banner to the bottom. Add Keyframe & Motion Tween.

10.Add Layer, Call Enroll.

11. Type text Enroll Now. Make it rotate Clockwise one time. Convert to Symbol.

12.Go to Flashkit. Find music. Download Target to Library.

13.Import music to Stage. A new layer will be created and music logo is added to Library.


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