Adobe Fireworks CS3

Haven’t updated in a while. Too busy learning, learning, learning.

Loved Flash. Was sorry to put away the book and turn to Fireworks.

I found knowledge I’d picked up in Flash helped tremendously to understand Fireworks, yet I feel Fireworks isn’t as powerful a program as Flash. I’m hooked on animation.

In Fireworks I understood the power of the onion skin, connecting text to a path, applying textures to shapes and text. Textures can completely change the look of a document or graphic. Drop shadows, embossing, detailing completely captivated me. Can’t wait to try these techniques on a document of my creation.

But my all time favorite Fireworks feature is site maps. My final project was to create a site make of New York City to include Radio City Music Center, Julliard, the Brooklyn Bridge and other points of interest. Finding photos online, optimizing and cropping them, laying out the map then adding a mask through which the pictures would appear was a delight. Again, I can’t wait to use this program on a real-world project.


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