Adobe After Effects CS5

Movie Animation. Instead of taking notes I’ll be videotaping each lecture, then post it to the internal class shared drive so the other students will also have access to review instructor’s lectures. (Last session’s modules are still available in the same location.)

Available lessons for this quarter include:

* Touring After Effects panels and tools, focusing on new tools found in CS5.

* Using keyboard short cuts to speed work flow.

* Composition, layers, keyframes.

* Examining filters, importing photos and movie clips into composition.

* Masking – moving and reforming shapes, revealing portions of layer beneath.

* Pre-composition. Combining layers that will share attributes.

* Active camera, top/bottom/custom views in multiple windows to control camera angle.

* 3D effect – examining filter panel controls to manipulate 3D images.

* The external Camera – evolution of film from inception to 35mm, when to use values or icon to control the camera angle.

* CC Pixel Polly – applying the effect to a layer then manipulating filter controls. Evolution of graphic types – psd, tiff, gif, jpg.

* Particles – how properties are affected by velocity, gravity, resistance, birthrate and related filters.

* Energy Ball introduction. Z-cube, producer, opacity mask, multiple layers.


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