Adobe After Effects CS5 cont’d

ENERGY BALL. Monday we start work on the energy ball. This exercise offers hands-on experience using multiple layers and effects to create a flame born in the midst of a storm cloud that’s landed in the middle of New York City. Later the energy ball will be lifted from the single layered photo and laid into a movie clip. Masks, flairs and reflections will be added to move the ball to various locations in the film.

Last semester’s story line: The energy ball was created in the lab of a mad scientist, Dr. Tempo. He discovered the ball could freeze time. So he carried the ball in a medicine bottle he slipped into his pocket to try out on unsuspecting targets who were playing football and just walking down the street. He froze them then stole money out of their pockets.  Bruhahahaha. Unfortunately, he wasn’t aware his wife learned of his nefarious plan. She stole the ball, froze him and cleaned out their joint bank account. Today he’s still frozen in an undisclosed location, and she’s happily shopping at Nordstroms. Muhahaha.

This semester, as a classroom exercise, we’ll come up with a new storyline. We’ll storyboard, then film action shots to be used in the final movie. Each student creates their own movie, which is due the last day of class. They are free to rework the storyline, and include still photos, additional movie clips and other tools in their final product.

Last day of class we preview all movies students want to share with colleagues. What a hoot!


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