Adobe After Effects CS5 cont’d

As a class, we spent the day adding finishing touches to the energy ball and discussing a career in movie animation. We talked about other software that enhances or works hand-in-hand with After Effects.

The majority of students were interested in Modo by Luxology, a software that creates virtual 3D images like bouncing balls, moving figures, creating a model home. We paid particular attention to lighting and shadows and how those components add reality to each scene.

We visited the Luxology website to view the Community Gallery, a selection of videos submitted by Modo users. Some tutorials are also available. Fascinating visuals.

Modo 4.01 is currently being used by divisions of LucasFilms and Pixar. Dreamworks animators constructed the Bully Ant in the movie ANTZ  with Modo; weapons were made for the science fiction movie, DISTRICT 9; and the video game, Iron Man 2 also used Modo to develop animated effects.

Modo’s versatility lends itself to the world of design. Interior designers use it to offer clients a visual interpretation of blueprints before contracts are signed, blueprints approved or construction begins.

Both the lunar rover that participated in the 2009 Presidential Inaguration parade was first modeled for NASA, and the lego house fashioned by BBC’s James Mays for a  ‘Top Gear” television special were first virtually constructed with Modo software.

* Link to lunar  rover

* Link to lego house

As Luxology immerses itself deeper into the world of education, colleges are responding by adding courses to the curriculum. Pasadena City College, Florida State University, and Cosgwell Polytechnic in Sunnyvale already offer Modo courses. Hopefully someday soon courses will be offered in a school that’s not too far, far away.


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