Adobe After Effects CS5 cont’d

Two weeks left of this semester. So much to do, so little time.

This week used Photoshop to turn a flat photo into a 3D image. Isolated individual elements like trees, mountains, grass, buildings, human figures; and placed them varying degrees from camera. Added effects like a lens flare, turbulence  to animate trees and added a layer of electronic dirt to age film.

Option key used to Clone/repair  large pieces of content.

Used the Dodge tool and Channels to isolate trees, automobiles, buildings. Saved Channel Paths to reuse later in project.

Visited  and  to examine stock of textures and patterns FREE to borrow. Discussed caution when dealing with copyright and website disclaimers on images found online.

Fill Content tool used to match/fill patterns like lengthening a cobble stone road.

Positioned Custom camera to adjust spacing and placement of individual elements then added Zoom to move camera through scene.

Lots of hands on and individual tutoring available.


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