Adobe After Effects CS5 cont’d

Semester winds down headed for conclusion on November 10th.

Concentrating on slow motion of movie clips – time remapping, reversing and time freeze. Time reset. Ease In, Ease Out applied to keyframes. Using switches to blend & smooth movement. Also experimenting with layers, masking, camera zoom.

Observed Lesson 11 – book ad. Book, label, position & connect shadow, spin book and shadow as one entity. Action script for comments.

Discovered location of existing photos:  Mac HP Hardware folder, Library, Desktop Pictures, Nature or other folders.

Continuing to practice using 3D camera, layering,  staggered staging, utilization of dodge tool to individualize selected items, channel paths, saving paths, cloning to repair background layer. Stage items. Reposition camera. Test results.

Used an existing film clip. Added layer of Kandinsky painted photo. Added mask to photo layer. Subtracted selected cutout. Faded edges to soften window. Zoom camera to enlarge movie clip over time manipulating keyframes.

Reviewed Dan’s video of 3D camera.

Prepare for final project. Register for Final Cut Pro for next semester.


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