Final Cut Pro 6 cont’d

Two Final Cut Pro classes, taken simultaneously, has been a lot of work, and so rewarding.

Day class concentrates on theory – importing movie clips to browser and timeline, staggering clips with overlays to create natural transitions, adding audio and video effects, editing sound and music to tell an amusing, compelling, informative story. Special attention is given to applying customized attributes, designed in After Effects, to movie editing techniques in Final Cut Pro.

Reviewing Adobe Premiere Pro. Comparing and constrasting activities available in the Final Cut Pro environment. Power of creating animated, dynamic text and banners with Premiere Pro then applying to FCP.

Evening class features each tool on the desktop . . . organizing bins and importing clips into browser, using windows to edit clips before moving to timeline, changing focus of clip in timeline, selecting options with buttons, pull down menus and short cuts; downloading digital video from camera to Final Cut Pro, configuring System Settings, identifying folders for saving files,  marking time codes; implementing video and audio transitions.

Future weeks will focus on combining effects, titles, transitions, audio and turning them into a finished, abbreviated movie.

CLASSES for NEXT QUARTER (enrollment begins January 7th):

Photoshop for After Effects, and advanced After Effects (including elements of Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro) will be offered during the day.

Advanced Final Cut Pro will be available evenings.

For more information visit ABC ADULT SCHOOL at

Instructors currently work in the industry: Dan Clancy (day), Nabby El-Soli (evenings). Olga Ramirez, teaching assistant.


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