Final Cut Pro 6 cont’d

The holidays are over. Sad to see them end. But time to get back to class. Approximately three weeks left for Fall quarter.

Day Class is concentrating on use of the camera in After Effects. Difference between using the 1-node and 2-node camera, and how to pan around a moving object. Plans for students to use the technique when adding the Energy Ball, already created, into live action film.

The 1-node camera requires more adjustment . . . Positioning the camera, then adjusting the Orientation so the focus remains on the object. Keyframes essential. Use of two views (Custom and Top for this exercise) and the Unified Camera icon while manually manipulating the V key took some coordination. Bezier handles used to smooth camera movement. Maximum control, and great to know the option is available, but all that coordination too much work. I’d always default to using the 2-node camera until I learn more about After Effects or was convinced it was the only way to complete my task.

Evening Class. More details on using the massive number of tools available in Final Cut Pro. Essential overview for those seeking certification.

Class schedule is available for next quarter.

Dan Clancy is teaching Photoshop for After Effects (8-10am), Beginning/Advanced After Effects. (10am to 12noon), Monday-Friday.

Nabby El-Soudani continues Final Cut Pro Studio (6-9pm), Tuesday & Thursday.


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