Photoshop CS5 for Animation/After Effects

We started a new class today – Photoshop CS5 for After Effects.

Most of the students have taken earlier versions of Photoshop, Elements, a diluted version of Photoshop, and they’re familiar with other Adobe products.

Opened Photoshop and After Effects.

The instructor introduced Photoshop short cut keys we’ll use most often. Familiarization will enable us to work faster and more smoothly.

Modifiers such as the Shift, Control (CTRL), Option and Command keys are often paired with alphabet keys to initiate action.

For example:

CMD + N  =  opens a new document

F key  =  fills the background

CMD + Tab  =  allows user to toggle between programs

CMD + Spacebar   =  resizes the window by moving magnify glass left or right

CMD + –   =  reduces size of window

CMD + +   =  increases size of window

CMD + <  =  decreases size of brush

CMD + >  =  increases size of brush

CMD + A   =  selects everything on stage in the window

CMD + D   =  deselects “ants” surrounding a selected item on stage

Plus shortcuts to Tools in Toolbar.

Spacebar  =  hand that moves the document around work area

We examined all options in the New Document window.

Discussed Printer and Output settings, JPG and RAW formats.

Examined Tools toolbar, Layers, Paths, Brushes panels.

Practiced navigating and drawing in window.

CMD + Tab to open After Effects.

Toured the After Effects work areas.  Opened New Composition. Added New Solid. Discussed settings for HD, for web. Revealed Transform options. Added Keyframes to move, rotate, change opacity of solid.

Each day we’ll delve more in depth into each of the options, layers and masking. Time will be available for hand’s on practice.


ABC Adult School register online or in person. A few seats still available.


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