Photoshop CS5 & Final Cut Pro 2/9

Photoshop. Fully entrenched with masks and channels to create photo masks. Once the image is isolated a new background can be added or the image can be merged with another photo.

– Identify the best channel with the most contrast in a photo.

– Copy Channel. In some cases more than one channel may be used.

– Use the Dodge/highlight and Burn/shadows to emphasis contrast.

– Paint larger areas to complete area to be masked.

– Copy Background layer.

– Invert image.

– Add Mask to Layer 0.

– Delete Background layer.

– Background disappears and image is ready for a new background.

Final Cut Pro. Recorded introductions using the most commonly employed  angles – Over the shoulder shot, Low & High shots, Group shot, Tracking shot, Pan & Tilt shot, Zoom, Long shot, Close up, Two-way conversation and Reaction shot.

Downloaded film from camera to computer paying close attention to Systems Settings – checking for sufficient space on hard drive (plus 10% extra)  for Rendering, Auto Saves and Thumbnails.

Each student copied file to their personal Student Documents area. Checked student Systems Settings (same steps used by Instructor when downloading file from camera to main computer).

Each student broke down the larger file into Subclips. Clips moved to bins.

Great deal of discussion about the Final Cut Pro desktop tools.

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