A little bit of Illustrator 3/14


More practice using the Pen tool, in Photoshop, to segment pieces of a group shot, then adding 3D effects and Camera.

  • Practiced smoothing edges with Brush tool.
  • Recoloring edges.
  • Lasso or Selection Wizard to pick up tiny areas to remove background debris within the selection.
  • Gaussian Blur to smooth selected edges.


  • Imported each Layer into After Effects.
  • Added 3D effects then the Camera.
  • Spaced layers by looking at screen from 2 Views – Top and Custom
  • Threaded 2-node Camera through layers pulling Z coordinate on Top View screen, or using Unified Camera tool on photo.
  • Adjustments (layer size or placement) can be made by checking Front view.

Just for fun we imported additional figures to give the original group shot a polished effect.

Before adding figures to any scene be sure the patina, color, texture of figures compliment the original photo.


Although we’d been concentrating on Importing photos from Photoshop into After Effects, there will come a time when we’ll want to Import titles or shapes into After Effects.

Took a tour of Illustrator workspace.

  • Reviewed toolbars and how the workspace emulates Photoshop, but some tools react differently.
  • Created shapes.
  • Noted how shapes can be created on different layers.
  • How shapes change depending on selection of layer and shape.
  • Saving layers.
  • Importing layers into After Effects.

Because edges of vector shapes can be smoothed to a pristine finish using After Effect’s fx button, Illustrator is the best application to use to create fancy titles and shapes.

Vector graphics vs. Raster graphics.

  • Shapes made in Illustrator are Vector graphics. If a shape is created as a Vector graphic when its enlarged the form will still be crisp and sharp. Illustrator produces Vector graphics. Titles, signs and posters are usually made in Illustrator or any program that creates Vector graphics. From business card to movie poster the graphic will look exactly the same – smooth and crisp.
  • Shapes made in Photoshop are Raster graphics. Raster graphic depends on pixels. A circle created in Raster format is a calculation of pixels. If a circle is made in Raster form then taken to another program, if enlarged the circle will have fuzzy or rough edges.

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