Rendering 3/25

The best week ever . . .


  • Continuation – Examination of styles, adding and deleting shapes.
  • Importing to After Effects – merging styles, importing compositions with retained layers or footage or composition size.

After Effects

  • Introduction to the world of Presets. Auto Orientation to paths.
  • More Pen tool activities.
  • Creating a pinwheel, ceiling fan, photo spin.
  • Rendering current projects into movie of various formats.
  • Examining all options in Render Queue.
  • Composition size, frame rate, length of movie.
  • Being mindful of project composition size including nested compositions, pre-compositions, photo size, music and layers.
  • Render Settings – Current, Best settings, Alpha/RGB
  • Output Module Settiongs – Lossless, Codecs
  • Resizing output – how will the movie be used.
  • Quality of output
  • Aspect ratio
  • How to determine which output size to select
  • Adding music
  • Rendering saved RAM preview
  • Rendering the entire movie vs. a segment of the timeline.
  • The power of rendering, the necessity of speed in the real world.
  • Avoiding wasteful time and energy rendering.
  • Using render queue when billing clients.

Final Cut Pro

  • Editing Promo Ad for final presentation.
  • Using creative text options.
  • Examining Filters.

Next week is final week of school for this quarter. WAH!!!!!!!!!


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