Wrap Up 4/1

All good things do come to an end  . . .


Final look at most recent exercises.

  • Rotor blades
  • Circles exported to After Effects
  • Butterfly
  • Finer details of masking – Gaussian blur, smudging, defined edges

We worked individually, in small groups, requesting help from fellow students to shore up notes and understanding. It’s great to learn from a knowledgeable teacher and even more fun making sure you understood what you learned by conferring with peers.

After Effects

  • Final touches on projects to be previewed Friday morning.
  • Round up Party

Final Cut Pro

  • Previewing entries of PSA
  • Round up Party


I’ve been sitting in on an InDesign class this quarter. Haven’t reported on the goings on because I’m more an independent study than InDesign participant. InDesign is used by print media to upload their data online. Today’s final projects were intriguing.

We started with an educator who is creating a newspaper for children in Nigeria. It’s his dream to offer the same level of learning children in America enjoy to children in his hometown. His site was filled with color, buttons and short vignettes to delight the eyes and ears. Nice job.

The second student prepared a newsletter for a drum and bugle group to whom she dispenses weekly information. Clean design. Nice layout.

Another student combined techniques from Flash, Illustrator and InDesign to create a magazine his friend is publishing in Cambodia. Super duper job. Sleek. Very professional. After his presentation several students asked questions about linking Flash, Fireworks, Illustrator to their layouts.

And my favorite was a young man who created an imagined front page for every major country across the globe exulting man’s achievement of  world peace in 2015. What a beautiful idea! If not technically perfect his concept was exceptional.

While I’ve enrolled in InDesign again next quarter low enrollment threatens cancellation. Hoping by Monday we’ll arrive at full enrollment so the class will be saved from elimination. Keeping hope alive . . .


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