New Quarter Begins 4/18

A new quarter begins at ABC Adult School. Same classes for me – Photoshop for After Effects, After Effects CS5, InDesign, Final Cut Pro.

Goal – a second movie. Basketball theme. Why basketball? Very different from the pictorial travelogue in “All Roads Lead To Thailand.”

  • Animating more action figures
  • Innovative text
  • Dynamic techniques
  • Eye-popping graphics
  • Timely topic that’s new to me requiring research
  • Topic of interest to a larger audience
  • Masking multiple channels of the same color spectrum to isolate hair, shadows, leaves, tiny details that could be lost in conventional masking.
  • Selecting layers, then masking them as one black/white image.
After Effects
  • Shape layers vs. masked layers
  • Multiplying, then animating shape layers
  • Create new movie!!
  • In this class I’m working with a new student. The class is getting too large for the instructor & assistant to get to all students who may need basic help. Most of the old timers have unofficially paired ourselves with a new student. Helps us all move along more smoothly and reinforces what returning students have learned.
Final Cut Pro
  • Goal – pass certification
Easter Break  4/18 – 22/11

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