Dreamweaver, Photoshop, After Effects

DREAMWEAVER. Finally time available to take a class. At school we’re using Dreamweaver CS5. At home I’m rockin’ CS5.5, free trial from Adobe. Small platform differences keep me alert and constantly comparing Code/Split/Design view. Especially grateful to Nina for daily lectures so it all makes sense.

In years past I’ve created websites using friendly, automated presets at Homestead, MySpace, AOL. Sites quick and easy to pull together. Lots of point & click, with mounds of glitter and flashing lights. The more moving parts the more I like it . . . hence my passion for Flash and After Effects. Learned a lot about coding, but some script is still Greek to me, so I’m carefully monitoring script in Dreamweaver’s Code view, and looking foreward to XTML training (offered next Spring).

PHOTOSHOP. Have already posted one of our colorful projects. Lots of fun. I love clothing websites where you can view a shirt, dress, pair of pants, shoes in different colors. Fun stuff.

MiniBridge. OMG. The best little hidden tool imaginable. Dunno how I worked without it. Such a great tool to preview and compare files without leaving Photoshop.

We talked about Raster vs. Vector files and compared the curve of letters created in each. Raster is pixelated, and not very smooth, while Vector is smooth. Pictures and text destined for the web or small personal projects are fine in Raster. Anything going to a printer or destined to be enlarged should be Vector format. Compared text in Illustrator (vector) and Photoshop (raster). In coming weeks we’ll learn more about Raster & Vector.

RGB vs. CYMK color format. For best quality pictures convert RGB to CYMK format. Pictures sent to print are automatically converted even at Target, Walmart, Costco.

AFTER EFFECTS. We’ve already created, keyframed, easy-eased objects, created scripts,  discussed interlaced vs. progressive film formats and identified BlueRay/HD/Standard codecs. This semester we’re concentrating on 3D objects and moving the camera. After Effects is a 2D composite program designed to pull together film, sound & simulated effects. Emphasis is placed on creating visuals that tell a story through eye popping visuals and cutting edge techniques.


2 thoughts on “Dreamweaver, Photoshop, After Effects

  1. Hi JozieLee

    Dreamweaver – outstanding app. I have been using it since 2000, both on Mac and Windows platforms. Still use it a lot, although my current emphasis is on Drupal and WordPress, I find it slots in well (unlike the majority of Drupal users who sneer at Dreamweaver) for creating things that would be difficult in one of these CMS apps – php, html, css editing.

    Photoshop of course is awesome.

    Anyway, sounds like you are really enjoying doing what you do

    Regards, Mike

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