Learn to Roller Skate – original & update

UPDATE (10/8/11)

Made a few updates to the original video.

1. The embedded video is now in Black/White. Contrast against background makes the movie stand out.

2. Added a Drop Shadow to embedded movie.

3. A skate video shines thru the Title. The lettering pops from color and movement!

4. Added more moving Stars and Lens Flare to background.

5. Re-edited timing of Star/Pair of Skates and audio with Lcut – audio precedes beginning of embedded movie.

6. Final movie Rendered at 2.24GB. Compressed to 21.1MB.

* . * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * . *

New After Effects project (10/6/11).

PLAN. Create a Composition very different from my previous work. Started doodling with shapes, Pucker & Bloat, Wave, Lens Flare effects and multiple layers. Pushed the limits to complete all work within a few days.

THEME. The Drew Barrymore movie, WHIP IT, is lots of fun. Skating seemed the perfect topic. Instead of exploring the world of competitive skating, I started small. Basic. Who skates? How do people learn to roller skate? What are the mechanics of skating? Equipment. Where do people skate? When do they skate? So different from my personal experience.

FORMAT. Multiple layers of color with moving parts that would blend and capture the viewer’s attention. An embedded movie or slideshow. Photos of skaters of varying ages and skating prowess.

VIDEO. Instead of reinventing the wheel, I scanned videos on YouTube. Selected a HowCast.com video. Met requirements: short (approximately 2 minutes), concise, practical, clear. Downloaded, then converted from FLV format to MOV. Have noticed recently converted files skew audio from video. Requires manual readjustment – detach audio from video then rematch. Next time I’ll try a different conversion program or Final Cut Pro to rematch.

COMPOSITION. First created the star layers (moving screens), followed by an Adjustment layer to separate the individual linked stars/photos of skaters from background. Pre-composed star screens, then made multiple copies of each composition.

OUTCOME: Moving panels in the background. Film in the foreground that conveys useful information. Massive color and style. In the original rendered movie, 960 x 540, the title sparkles. In smaller version online appears a bit murky. Clipped photo behind text lettering needs more work.

Finally, the movie . . .


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