3D Photo Compilation

PHOTOSHOP – Turning two still shots into a single 3D photo.

Here’s how I did it.

1. Open 2 photos.
2. Arrange so both photos are visible – side-by-side.
3. Pull photo 1 (dragon with mom) into photo 2 (pumpkin) so they overlap. They will appear on two separate layers.
4. Duplicate Background layer.
5. Turn off original Background so it’s not visible.
6. Create a Blank layer.
7. Add Radial Gradient to the Blank layer. Select colors complimentary to Background photo. Move below Background Copy layer.
8. Resize Background Copy layer. Add Effects – Drop Shadow, Stroke, Gradient to Stroke. Center on Gradient layer.
9. Mask photo 1 (dragon with mom). Resize. Position over Background Copy layer. Add Drop Shadow.
10.Save as JPG type if intended for use on the web.


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