Motion Blur

PHOTOSHOP – Here’s how I added Motion Blur effect to the background of a still photo.

motion blur

1. Duplicate Background layer, twice, default names Background Copy 1 & 2.
2. Turn off original layer.
3. Use Quick Selection tool to outline figures on Background Copy 1.
4. Click on tab next to Layer tab, it is called Mask to Refine Edges. Change values to . . .
* Radius = 3.
* Smooth = 10.
* Shift Edges = -20. Numbers will vary depending on quality of selection.
* Activate Decontaminate Colors.
* Output to New Layer with Layer Mask.
5. Activate Background Copy 2 layer.
6. Add Hue & Saturation adjustment layer to Background Copy 2 layer only. Increase Saturation. The deeper saturation, the better final result.
7. Add Filter, Blur, Motion Blur to BCopy 2 layer.
8. Move Background Copy 2 and it’s Hue & Saturation layer under Background Copy 1 layer.

EXTRA: For depth, add Drop Shadow to Background Copy 1 layer


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