Phototshop – Multilayers

The most fun I’ve had with Photoshop. Still editing photos taken Halloween night.

Here’s how I did it.

1. Quick Selected and Masked figures in two photos. Combined.
2. The cluster of 3 figures – I added a Freddy Krueger mask to one child, and added green overlay to camouflage face of another child.
3. Hue/Saturation removed color from Background layer.
4. Quick Selected front door and tower of haunted house, then exaggerated color with Hue/Saturation.
5. Moon shines thru trees by adding a latticed layer of Background over the moon. Erased the rest of that latticed layer.
6. Added graphics of several different ravens, Transformed to resize and positioned on branches.
7. Added Gradient layer to Spiderweb graphic to recolor, then used Puppet Tool to stretch & reshape.
8 A Gradient overlay layer was added to Background layer to darken sky.


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