Watching flowers in my garden grow.

Flowers are so beautiful in the garden. Their vibrant colors, delicate petals, sweet scent seems to make the yard a happier place to be.

This fall I’ve planted impatiens (for their hardiness), pansies (purple color). They join a viola whose seeds blew in from a neighbors yard, and a couple of five-year-old gardenia bushes that have struggled but remain dependable for at least one bloom every few months.

Red and pink baby rose bushes were inexpensive. Bought them a few summers ago. They grow and bloom whether they get water or fertilizer. Amazing. And one hibicus bush stays green and strong with dedicated watering, but seldom blooms. Like having pets, watching flowers populate the garden makes a house a home.

Oh, and I bought a few pots of peppermint to stave off critters. I’m hoping their scent greets human visitors when they get a little larger.


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