We’re having a heatwave . . .

We’re in Los Angeles experiencing heatwaves that have lasted several weeks. It’s Saturday. 1:05 p.m.. 85 degrees inside, 97.5 degrees outside. Yesterday was about the same. And tomorrow will repeat today’s temps. By mid-week we’ll experience a cool down, followed by rain, then the cycle will start again. All this sunshine and rain is doing wonders for the plants and fauna. But not much for tempers.

Yesterday, while shopping at Trader Joe’s (a supermarket known for its organic, natural foods) I bumped into an elderly couple shuffling their way down the aisles. We left the store about the same time, and parked across from each other. The gentleman took his time easing out of his parking space  . . . the lot is, strangely, notorious for careless driving and lots of fender benders. Caution is key. I waited my turn and followed him out of the lot. He was taking his time and I was in no rush. We headed in the same direction. I followed enjoying the fresh breeze flowing through my car. A few blocks later, just as the gentleman made a left turn, a black SUV came out of nowhere speeding down the street and from the right lane made an unlawful left turn in front of him. She waved her apology and kept going.

From his car’s body language I could tell he was jarred. All of a sudden his foot hit the gas peddle as he zeroed in on the offender’s car. So enraged he practically ran a red light to remain glued to her tail. She sped up and made a lane change. Waved him off. He weaved too, his sights aimed on her fender. As their taillights disappeared over the horizon of a small hill I knew this would not end well.

Perhaps she shouldn’t have waved at him.

One thing’s for sure that elderly man might be retired and laid back, but he’s still got gusto.


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