Double Digit Dichotomy

Nine years old today.

Yes, today is Jacob’s ninth birthday. The last year that he’ll be a single digit. Next year he’ll enter the thrilling world of double digits.

He can’t contain the joy, which escapes his body in predictable ways. It’s in his walk, in the spontaneous lift of his shoulders as he suppresses a giggle, and the glint in his eyes.

He’s growing up, assuming more responsibility like taking out the trash, sweeping the kitchen floor, helping put away groceries.

In his small world he’s now responsible for his clothes going into, not around, the clothes hamper; picking up toys when he’s finished playing; and flashing his ID card at the amusement park.

Of course, on this auspicious transition into young boyhood, I reflect on the baby, the toddler he was only a few years ago, but every year I like the new Jacob with his maturing vocabulary, advanced thoughts and questions, his “I can do it” independence.

So Happy Birthday, Jacob. Enjoy this last year of single digit wonder. And know we, your grands, are enjoying the journey with you.


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