Domino Toppler

Last spring I entered a film in the 3rd Annual ABC Adult School Film Festival.

I’d been busy with other pursuits. No time for class. And little time to pull together a video. And I struggled with a theme.

In my peripheral vision I’d been watching Jake gravitate from puppeteering to domino building.

He’d spend hours building them then toppling walls of dominos – pyramids, rectangles, even circular towers. Whatever he found on YouTube, he’d try with his own dominos. Consequently he collected larger quantities of dominos – traditional numerical dots, and plain faced. Some had rounded corners, while others 90 degree angles. Sometimes he mixed them up, other times he’d use old toys in combination with the dominos to build unique structures.

Jake ascribes to Rube Goldberg style using complicated gadgets to topple his towers. He’d sets them up ensuring the first domino would lead to demolition of the entire structure.

We’d watch him painstakingly, steadfastly stack them one on top of the other until the structure was complete. Then he’d gleefully knock them down. Rarely would a building fall from his accidental brush. A few times his shirt sleeve would cause an accident. He started building without a shirt on until he learned to wear snugger fitting clothes.

He’s learning to film himself so I tried to use as much footage from his own archives. Finally I had enough footage to create a short movie detailing his accomplishments, hence, my entry in the 2015 film festival. This is a sample of his earliest work. They continue to get more complicated and intriguing.


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