Supporting Her to the White House


Your vote is your voice . . . don’t give away your shot. Let’s get America back to work building an energy system envied by the world. Let’s repair our schools and our highways. Let’s continuing investing in rapid transit. We’re no longer an industrial nation, let’s train our people to get those higher paying jobs. And let’s ensure our new president works with Bernie Sanders to make free college a reality. That’s why I’m With Her.


Nasty Women


Most importantly, nasty women vote.

Human Rights


Women, who know we can do anything, have the power to vote into office the first female American president. While some won’t vote for Hillary Clinton just because she’s a woman, who feel only a man can deal with world leaders and events, we can’t deny her preparedness, knowledge and experience. We know when women are in charge things run more smoothly. Let’s give a woman a chance. Go, Hillary, go!