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Jacob, Puppeteer, a documentary

The story of a 7-year-old who makes sock puppets using supplies found around the house – tape, construction paper and water soluable makers. Inspired by Baby Einstein puppets, Bob Baker Marionettes and puppets he’s seen at museums and plays he’s a self-motivated, inspired artist. Today he makes his puppets just for sport, but who knows … Continue reading


We’re having a heatwave . . .

We’re in Los Angeles. Experiencing heatwaves the last few weeks. It’s Saturday. 1:05 p.m. . 85 degress inside, 97.5 degrees outside. Yesterday was about the same. And tomorrow will repeat today’s temps. By mid-week we’ll experience a cool down, followed by rain, then the cycle will start again. All this sunshine and rain is doing wonders for … Continue reading

adult school


Perseverance. That’s my mom’s middle name. It isn’t written on her birth certificate, but it should be. Over a year ago, Mom received a notice from DMV that she was required to take the written test to renew her driver’s license. No problem. She hustled herself, me in tow, down to DMV, got in line … Continue reading