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Jacob, Puppeteer, a documentary

The story of a 7-year-old who makes sock puppets using supplies found around the house – tape, construction paper and water soluable makers. Inspired by Baby Einstein puppets, Bob Baker Marionettes and puppets he’s seen at museums and plays he’s a self-motivated, inspired artist. Today he makes his puppets just for sport, but who knows … Continue reading

1960s / Bobby Kennedy / Kathryn Grayson / Life / Methodist church / Richard Burton / Richard Harris / Robert Goulet / singing teacher / soprano / youth leader


Funny, when you’re a pre-teen, anyone with a full-time job, who drives a relatively new model car, seems old. That’s how Jeannie, our church youth leader, appeared to me. She arrived one summer when a group of us needed direction. School was out and all we normally did was ride bikes and stop at the liquor store for penny candy. … Continue reading


We’re having a heatwave . . .

We’re in Los Angeles. Experiencing heatwaves the last few weeks. It’s Saturday. 1:05 p.m. . 85 degress inside, 97.5 degrees outside. Yesterday was about the same. And tomorrow will repeat today’s temps. By mid-week we’ll experience a cool down, followed by rain, then the cycle will start again. All this sunshine and rain is doing wonders for … Continue reading